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Re: Me Me!

Yay, thanks for volunteering! Signing up to rec Marvel in general is fine. If later on someone signed up to rec just X-Men that would be okay too.

Since there are no consistently maintained fandom categories to be filled every month, it is not that relevant for organization except for the tagging, and that can be amended on posts to become more specific on top of the general tag, e.g. if among the Marvel recs there was one for Captain America, and later someone recs only Captain America, as a mod I could just add the specific tag to an earlier post too where it applies.

Should I put you down for October for Marvel Comics?

As for the pro art, the comm is intended for fanart recs, so I'm reluctant to allow web posted pro art if it is done as part of the artist's job rather than as hobby, and I'd count it as "work" if it is a paid commission that shows characters they work on officially, even if it isn't the art for the comic pages directly. However if someone is a professional artist as their job, but also draws fanart for things they are not associated with as hobby in their free time that would be okay to rec, so there is no strict "amateurs only" rule. I get that especially with comics there are plenty of grey areas, and of course people could do official work just briefly then work for fun at some later or earlier point in time, or other configurations. I'm not going to do background checks on the work history of linked artist or the nature of the linked art, but what is recced should be what you think of as "fanart".

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