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Intro & Rules

This is a community for fanart recommendations. It is intended to be a collective, multifandom rec repository akin to the Crack Van-type communities, only for fanart. It is open for fanart recs from all fandoms (whether books, comics, cartoons, live action, anime, games, RPF...), genres, styles and ratings.

How do I volunteer to rec?

The number and selection of fandoms in any month is not limited or moderated, but a random mix depending on who volunteers to rec, but there will be no more than one reccer per fandom each month. To volunteer to rec fanart for a fandom you comment in the Sign-Up Post with the fandom you want to rec as well the month if you can't just take the next free slot. If you volunteer to rec fanart for a fandom, you agree to post at least four fanart recs during your month.

Once you commented to volunteer, a moderator will reply to confirm, and add you to the list of volunteers that is also kept in the sign-up post to keep track, so everyone can see which fandoms have volunteers, and which don't. You also have to join the community so that you can get posting access during your month.

What can I rec?

The community is open for fanart recs from all fandoms (whether books, comics, cartoons, live action, anime, games, RPF...), genres, styles and ratings. You can rec drawn and painted fanart (whether traditional or digital media), photomanips, sculptures, fiber art etc. Multimedia works that have a significant fanart component are also okay to rec, e.g. fan comics or story illustrations. You cannot rec fanfic, vids, icons, picture macros, costume designs, or fannish music/audio productions.

How do I format and post my recs?

Please post each rec in its own post, and try to space your recs somewhat over the month rather than post all on your first or last day. Please tag your rec with the fandom. (If your fandom doesn't have a tag yet, because you are posting the first rec in it and it hasn't been created in advance, a moderator will tag your post.) Your fanart recs posts should follow this format:

Subject: Title by Artist (Rating)

Fandom: Your Fandom
Characters/Pairing/Other Subject: (no abbreviations, please)
Content Notes/Warnings: (e.g. underage nudity/sex, gore, disturbing imagery, other content the reccer thinks worthy of an advance notice)
Medium: (e.g. pencil drawing, watercolor, digital painting, photomanip, sculpture...)
Artist on DW/LJ: (if applicable)
Artist Website/Gallery: (place where you can most easily find their fanart, whether a website, deviantArt, their LJ/DW...)
Why this piece is awesome: (The reason for your rec.)
Link: (link to the artwork)

Here is the code without explanation parentheses for convenient copying (also without the subject line that you need to include manually):

Further notes on the rec format:
  • If the art has no title, you can use either "Untitled by Artist (Rating)" or something slightly more descriptive like "Character Name Portrait by Artist (Rating)" for your rec post's subject line.
  • If the artist themselves does not use ratings, please still indicate whether the art is "safe for work" (SFW) or "not safe for work" (NSFW) in your estimation, so that viewers have indication whether something will have explicit sex, full nudity or other things they might not want to open on a public computer before following a link.
  • The characters and/or pairing listed should be the full names, not fandom specific smooshes or codes ("Snarry", "K/S", etc.). If the art does not show characters, but an object or landscape (e.g. "Hogwarts") list that.
  • If you aren't sure what the medium is exactly, e.g. whether something is drawn on paper or digitally, just mention what you can tell as description, e.g. "drawn art".

Addition as of January 2013: Open reccing periods

In addition to the regular reccing slots there now exist open reccing periods, currently during the last week each month, starting with the regular reccer recruiting post, which is usually posted a week before the month ends. There is also a prompt given in that admin post (like themes, styles, techniques etc.) to help inspire recs, however that is optional for the open recs, just a way to make people think of art they might want to rec.

Any community member can post fanart recs during the open reccing periods without having to sign up or post a set of at least four in the same fandom. However, if you do want to rec multiple pieces in a fandom, please consider signing up for a regular slot instead. Recs posted during the open reccing period still have to conform to the usual rec format and follow the rules for what is allowed to be recced here as explained above.

Regular reccers who have claimed a month can of course also continue to post their recs during this period. The first three weeks of each month remain exclusive to those who claimed a month to rec the fandom of their choice, so 3/4 of the time this comm will still follow the Crack Van model.

If you have further questions or concerns, you can check the questions & answers post, that collects previously asked questions, or comment if that didn't help.
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[personal profile] paian 2011-05-28 04:35 pm (UTC)(link)
We have a fanart community for all the Stargate series and movies here: [community profile] sg_art.

(Hope this is the right place to tell you that; it's where the comm profile links for letting you know about related communities.)
Edited (to assuage comment's fears that it's lost and alone on the wrong post) 2011-05-28 16:37 (UTC)
trascendenza: izzy from shadowhunters in bright colors. (Default)

[personal profile] trascendenza 2011-06-06 08:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi -- [community profile] ladiesbigbang is a big bang challenge that accepts fanart as a big bang entry (minimum 7 pieces) and recs as a big bang entry (minimum 40 recs; recs can be unrelated or in a set/multiple sets), both of which can be eligible to receive complementary fanworks. Would you be interested in affiliating?
trascendenza: izzy from shadowhunters in bright colors. (Default)

[personal profile] trascendenza 2011-06-06 09:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Cool! I'll do the same and mention this comm when I make an announcement about our new affiliates.
alias_sqbr: (cake)

[personal profile] alias_sqbr 2011-12-24 02:30 am (UTC)(link)
So I don't clutter up the questions/signups posts I'll say this here: this is one of my favourite dreamwidth communities, and you deserve accolades and delicious cake for all the hard work you do to make it run smoothly. Thanks for being a great mod!
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[personal profile] kitty_fic 2012-09-30 08:04 am (UTC)(link)
Would (LJ comm) hp_fanart_fest qualify as an affiliate?
kitty_fic: (Default)

[personal profile] kitty_fic 2012-09-30 08:30 am (UTC)(link)
Awesome! I'll add fanart_recs to our profile also! Thanks!
turlough: Frank Iero asking a question, art by theopteryx ((mcr art) excuse me?)

[personal profile] turlough 2014-04-04 06:47 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a question, does a flash animation count as art? I would like to rec this for YST but I don't know if it qualifies?
turlough: Ryo & Byakuen walking through the lily pools in the Youjakai ((yst) in the youjakai)

[personal profile] turlough 2014-04-04 07:38 pm (UTC)(link)
That definitely helps, thank you! It's a drawn animation so I hoped it would count but I wasn't sure.
turlough: Frank Iero asking a question, art by theopteryx ((mcr art) excuse me?)

[personal profile] turlough 2014-05-11 07:01 pm (UTC)(link)
This entry need an X-Files tag.