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[personal profile] mific made some banners for the comm, that you can use for promotion. Here they are with the code for you to copy & paste:

banner for fanart_recs on
[community profile] fanart_recs is a collective, multifandom fanart recs community, that is open for all fandoms. Please join to find new fanart and sign up to rec your own favorites.

Here is the code for the above for convenient copying:

other banner variants and their code )
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I'd love for this comm to become a bit livelier in this new year, and to broaden the reccer base.

While it is absolutely great that a handful of people rec so regularly, making sure the comm isn't (near-)dead, and there are also some new reccers every now and then, just reccing for a month, there often aren't enough reccers to average a rec per day, so [community profile] fanart_recs definitely could be more active.

One way would be to make this comm more widely known and grow in numbers, some of whom then might rec eventually. I think for that having a banner to offer people prettier linking with some embedding code would be nice, but I suck at making attractive banners myself. So if anyone felt like making some we could offer, that would be great. Maybe if we had such pretties and a pre-made promotion they could just c&p more would spread the word than now. I could also use something like that to advertise again on [site community profile] dw_community_promo which I haven't done in a while.

The second way would be to encourage more current members and subscribers to make the jump to reccing, but I'm not sure what the barriers to that are there now. Is there anything that could be made easier and would make you consider reccing? Like, for example the comm could do occasional open posting periods outside the regular structure, allowing every member to rec a fanart they wanted to, without having to commit to a whole set but still dip their toes in. (though really, it's only four! *puppy dog eyes*)
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There is still a week left in November, but it's time to look ahead. So far we have seven volunteer reccers who signed up for December with these fandoms:

*Dresden Files ([personal profile] sholio)
*Fake News ([personal profile] erinptah)
*Fullmetal Alchemist ([personal profile] astridv)
*Harry Potter ([personal profile] werewolfsfan)
*Hetalia: Axis Powers([personal profile] snowynight)
*Homestuck ([personal profile] alias_sqbr)
*Star Trek: Reboot ([personal profile] davincis_girl)

So we already have a nice mix of recs to look forward to next month (and a big thanks to all you reccers signing up), but of course there is still plenty of room for you to jump in and volunteer to rec in December.

However, if you are swamped with fannish commitments in December, January could be right for you, and you'd reap the befits of a rich bounty of fest and exchange art being posted in December.

So far six reccers have volunteered for January. So please, consider reccing in a fandom of your choice, whether small or huge, and comment on the sign-up post and volunteer for December, January or even further ahead if you are so well organized.

I'd also like to encourage anyone to promote the comm when a good opportunity presents itself (for example mentioning that you will or have posted recs here in your journal, or maybe on a noticeboard or community for the fandom you are reccing if they allow that), to help the comm grow both in audience and potential reccers.

And maybe someone has ideas which other fanart or reccing communities might be interested in mutual affiliate linking? I haven't asked many yet, but I know I discover interesting comms through those.

Other promotion ideas are welcome too.


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